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Promotional and roadshow vehicles.

The sky is the limit! It is also applicable for customized mobile concepts and events. Xtreme Concepts is the ideal partner for your specific requests and eye-catching promotions. From conceptualization to realization, we bring your wildest ideas to life. Discover our wide range of promotional trailers and trucks.

Promostreamer, White Empty, BE, SD

Promostreamer, Black with interior, BE, SD

Promostreamer XL, White Empty, BE, SD

Xtreme Concepts Roadshows Promobox

Promobox 25M², BE

xtreme concepts rolling jumbo mobile exterior

Jumbo Trailer XXL, BE, SD

Press Tower

Car Show Trailer



Smart Space BE SD

Vintage Airstreamer BE


Silverstar, BE

Funtear Retro, BE

Make Up Trailer

Promowheels 2.0, Standard, B, SD

Xtreme Concepts Roadshows Promowheels-Merchandising

Promowheels 2.0, Merchandising B, SD

promowheels trainer-1

Promowheels Trainer B


Promowheels 2.0 Industrial B SD

Xtreme Concepts Roadshows Promowheels Vintage Citroën B

Promowheels, Vintage, Citroen B

Promowheels Photo

Promowheels Stage

Promowheels Make UP

Promoter Light, B, SD

Xtreme Concepts Roadshows Promoter

Promotourer 3.5T, Extended, B, SD

Xtreme Concepts Roadshows Promotional Trailer BE

Promotrailer BE


Promobox 25Ft, C/CE

Xtreme Concepts Roadshows Promobox 40Ft CE

Promobox 40Ft., CE

Xtreme Concepts Roadshows Promobox 40FT Hybrid Trailer CE

Promobox 40Ft Hybrid Trailer, CE

Promobox 40Ft Rooftop CE

Xtreme Concepts Roadshows Car Port Promobox 40FT

Car Port Promobox 40FT

Single Extension, CE

Double Extension, CE

Xtreme Concepts Roadshows X3MT160


Xtreme Concepts Roadshows Hospitality Trailer

Hospitality Trailer Smart Budget

Stage trailer, CE

Xtreme Concepts Roadshows Mobile hotel

Mobile Hotel, CE

Mobile office mobile office X3M

Mobile Office, CE

Xtreme Concepts Roadshows Mobile Showroom

Sales Booth C/CE

Xtreme Concepts Roadshows Promobox Merchandising BE

Promobox Merchandising BE

Skybox 360° 2.0, C/CE

press unit-rtbf

Press Unit, BE

Vintage trailer, BE/BE

led screens

LED screens

ice-truck ice cream cart

Food/Ice truck B


Eco bus

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In our portfolio you will find numerous completed projects, an even broader overview of our range, and some testimonials. Some of the projects in our book have not been shown anywhere else! Take a look into our world and let us take you to our cleanest designs. This is what we do, this is what we do best.

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