Jumbo Trailer XXL, BE, SD

Smart alternative

A flexible, innovative, and cost-effective alternative to heavy CE trailers or traditional slide-outs, the Jumbo Trailer is unique in its genre: it folds out left and right to provide enormous expandable space without compromising the central interior space during transport. Its sturdy finishes makes the Jumbo Trailer a very high quality solution for many applications.

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Technical specifications

The Jumbo trailer is towed by a strong SUV or van and can be driven with a BE driver’s license. It has a load capacity of up to 1300 kg and 9 m² of cargo space in transport mode. Load all your equipment into the trailer, drive to your event site, build out in just 10 minutes and start working in a spacious and comfortable 24 m² area. Manual feet, Air conditioning and Covid-19 proof air ventilation system are included.

Driver's License
Load capacity up to
1300 kg
Load space in transport
9 m²
Build-up time
10 min.
24 m²
Air conditioning & Covid-19 proof ventilation




Wherever you need to be, with the Jumbo trailer you'll unpack a mobile office, a traveling showroom, a mobile meeting room, or a host of other applications. Its ample available floor space allows you to work out your wildest projects in the Jumbo trailer.