Promobox 40Ft., CE

Promobox 40Ft.

A must in modern, mobile roadshows is our promobox 40ft ce, available with or without a roof deck, completely at ground level or at classic trailer height.

A gigantic high-end mobile showroom of up to 100 square meters (with roof terrace) and the choice between one, two, … or no glass partitions. Optionally available with a ramp for easy access for wheelchair visitors. The unit lowers to ground level in just 20 minutes (hybrid version). A roadshow, a beautiful showroom at the location of your choice. Environmentally too, this unit is a step ahead in terms of CO2 emissions. The low weight ensures a much lower consumption of the tractor and the unit is partly built from recycled PET bottles. By choosing this unit, you will contribute to responsible and sustainable entrepreneurship.

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40-foot unit with glass wall on the passenger side and closed on the driver’s side. Equipped with hydraulic feet for automatic levelling.