Single extension CE.

Oneroadshow trailer, multiple touring possibilities

Presentation, office, reception, training, media, hospitality, mobile marketing or exhibition tour.

The single extension ce is a versatile presentation trailer that offers the ideal solution for many applications. This trailer can be extended on one side, allowing more space once installed, while remaining compact enough. In addition, the large windows provide optimal light and a feeling of openness, making it an ideal trailer for your B2C tour. Pleasant for staff as well as visitors. The Single extension is quick to install, ideal for events where quick and smooth assembly and disassembly is essential, or when several locations need to be visited in one day. We will be happy to give it the colors and branding of your company and create your perfect brand experience.

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A deployable trailer for different types of uses. Presentation, dinner, reception, showroom or product presentation. The appearance of this trailer will be an eye-catcher on every occasion!


Whether you opt for a standard rental interior or a custom-made interior, Xtreme Concepts will always make sure that your graphic charter and the essence of your company are reflected in it.