Promobox 25Ft, C/CE

More than just a classic roadshow trailer.

Our Promobox 25Ft. is the ideal premium tool for a customer who expects more than just another show container or a classic roadshow trailer. After all, this high-tech unit our experienced driver/project manager will place in less than 30 minutes and with its built-in air conditioning has both the necessary cooling and heating as standard.

Furthermore, the Promobox 25Ft has the necessary lighting and luxurious premium floor finish. With its very ample transport capabilities in terms of floor space, this unit is also great for transporting your supplies between events, so an additional vehicle and thus additional costs can often be avoided. Many of our customers also choose this unit for their projects in urban areas or with limited space on site or on the road to it. Of course, at Xtreme Concepts you have the choice between the premium glass finish with automatic door or the version that can fully slide open with a gigantic access to the approximately 40 square meters of interior space. The possibilities for branding and labeling on this unit are enormous and especially cost-effective since we work with very large and flat surfaces. Your visibility during the ride is therefore assured.

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Unit including one glass side, one solid side and 2 pop-outs.


Equipped with first quality flooring, air conditioning, LED lighting, …