Promowheels 2.0 B.

With our Promowheels B (modular), you can drive yourself to any place where you want to be seen with your brand, service, campaign or product.

Your campaign is entirely in your hands for a controlled and reasonable budget.

The quick set-up time of only 10 minutes makes this vehicle the ideal solution for total mobile freedom. Easy to use as a mobile showroom, mobile training room, mobile point of sales, mobile information point, demo vehicle and mobile presentation room. In short, information on wheels.

Our Promowheels 2.0 B (modular) are small but extraordinarily eye-catching promotional vehicles that can be driven with a “normal” driving licence (category B). The Promowheels B (modular) can also be used as a mobile information center or as a mobile store or pop-up store. Your own roadshow at low cost. After opening the fender doors to the side and rear, a beautifully styled and accessible space becomes visible. The Promowheels 2.0 B (modular) are completely self-contained and (extremely) environmentally friendly thanks to the possible and optional use of solar panels in combination with a set of batteries for autonomous power supply. Of course, we leave the customer completely free if he opts for additional charging capacity.

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These vehicles are available on Renault Master, Opel Movano, Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato. The choice of a structure on a so-called “floor” cabin was consciously made to offer a literally low threshold to our customers. In addition, these approved vehicles are equipped with an extended chassis.


In our new version, the interior is fully modular and can be converted to another application within 4 hours. We have a classroom interior, a B2B industrial layout, a merchandising version or the standard layout with long low cabinets, a TV, a pantry, an office,…..