Vintage Airstreamer BE.

Shiny, timeless and always eye-catching on the road in a design created specifically for your brand, presentation, dinner, reception, showroom, roadshow or mobile marketing or promotion campaign....

The shiny retro look of our authentic American Airstreamer BE creates a unique experience that draws attention at every event and on every tour! The interior of the standard version is completely empty and provided with a beautiful grey floor, so this promotional trailer can then be fully furnished according to your wishes. The Airstreamer BE is equipped with LED ambient lighting and top-quality aluminum finishes, and the exterior can also be completely opened up over the entire length of the trailer (in 2 different parts).

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Marking, stickering can be done by our own services and in full compliance with your company’s guidelines. We are also happy to take care of the logistical aspect of your event or tour. We take care of the transport of the Airstreamer BE and (if necessary) also provide an additional logistic vehicle to move all (additional) materials, as the Airstreamer BE must be empty during transport.

The outside can be fully opened on the long side (in two parts).


As with all of our tour and promotional vehicles, we can also customize the interior of the Airstreamer BE to meet your needs during your tour.

The interior of one of our Airstreamers BE is completely empty and provided with a nice grey floor. Moreover, it is finished with top quality aluminum and LED ambient lighting.